We are a Duke University Research Lab specializing in medical optical technology for global women's healthcare.



We have ongoing clinical trials in Durham, East Africa, Central America, South America, and India, to demonstrate the efficacy and value of the Pocket Colposcope.



Our mission is to reduce the burden of cervical cancer on under-served populations in low-resource communities across the globe.

The incidence of cervical cancer is greatest among low-resource, rural communities. This is mainly a result of insufficient access to effective diagnostic and treatment methods. 

A paradigm shift for cervical cancer care

The current paradigm for cervical cancer healthcare in low-resource settings requires women to make at least two separate trips to a regional hospital for colposcopy/biopsy and treatment. In places like Lima, Peru, up to 40% of women screened in the Amazon are lost to follow up at regional health centers.

The goal of the POCkeT Colposcope is to combine primary and secondary screening metrics at the community health level, thereby reducing the number of trips a woman must make to a regional health center. By making colposcopy simple and accessible to low-resource communities we hope to improve understanding of women's reproductive health and empower women in these communities to take control of their health.