Our mission is to improve access to cervical cancer screening for under-served populations in low-resource communities across the globe.

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Pocket colposcope

By making colposcopy simple, light and accessible we hope to increase access to cervical cancer screening and diagnosis by consolidating primary and secondary prevention into a single visit.



Our team is led by Professor Nimmi Ramanujam at Duke University and Professor John Schmitt at the Duke University Medical Center. We are staffed by faculty, postdocs, students, and staff across Duke.

Our partners include 3rd Stone Design, PATH, La Liga Contra el Cancer, The Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center, and Kenyatta University.

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The Pocket colposcope rivals the image quality of the best colposcopes on the market but at a fraction of the weight, size and cost of clinical colposcopes. We have ongoing clinical trials in Durham, Tanzania, Kenya and Peru. New Studies are planned in Honduras and Zambia.

Recent News

United States Congressman David Price recently visited the lab on the campus of Duke University to learn about our work with the Pocket Colposcope. You can read more about his visit here.

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Monday – Friday: 9AM – 5PM

Email: rlb72@duke.edu (Rachel Barrera)