The POCkeT Colposcope was developed by researchers at Duke University in conjunction with 3rd Stone Design, Inc., a product design and development company in California, USA. It began as a research project for graduate students in Dr. Nimmi Ramanujam's  Tissue Optical Spectroscopy Lab on the campus of Duke University. The team at Duke developed four generations of the device before turning to 3rd Stone Design for their expertise in human-centered design medical device design.

Early versions of the device were bulky and required an independent power supply box to drive the device's LEDs and various electrical components. Recent improvements to the POCkeT Colposcope have eradicated the need for an independent supply unit. The device can now be plugged directly into a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to both power the on-board electrical components and display the live video feed from the device. The Pocket Colposcope is small, light, and low-cost. It is the ideal solution for cervical cancer screening at the community health level.


Item Value
Aspect Ratio4:3
Working Distance10 - 35 mm
Diagonal FOV7 - 38 mm
Contrast> 300:1
LED ModesWhite (LOW)550-650 lux
White (HIGH)4000-5000 lux
Green900-1250 lux
DimensionsA x B x C cm
WeightX grams
CostX USD ($)