By making colposcopy simple, light and accessible we hope to increase access to cervical cancer screening and diagnosis by consolidating primary and secondary prevention into a single visit.

Reference Publications

Lam T, Krieger M, Gallagher J, Asma B, Muasher L, Schmitt J, Ramanujam N. Design of a Novel Low Cost Point of Care Tampon (POCkeT) Colposcope for Use in Resource Limited Settings. PLoS one, 2015, 10(9): e0135869.

Lam C, Mueller J, Asma B, Asiedu M, Krieger M, Chitalia R, Dahl D, Schmitt J, Ramanujam N. Integrated Strategy for Improving Durability, Contrast, and Portability of the POCkeT Colposcope for Cervical Cancer Screening. PLoS one, 2017. Submitted.

Item Value
Resolution5 - 22 microns
Aspect Ratio4:3
Working Distance10 - 35 mm
Diagonal FOV7 - 38 mm
Contrast> 300:1
LED ModesWhite (LOW)550-650 lux
White (HIGH)4000-5000 lux
Green900-1250 lux